Monthly archives: October 2015

Don’t you need a skillful Japanese writer or translator?

When you publish your article, ads, website,or your manuscript in Japanese, you may usually place an order for translation to some agency or someone you already might know.
I offer you a skillful Japanese writer and translator instead.

Yoshihiro Kaneda (it’s me) is a writer of Kodansha Ltd which is the largest publisher in Japan and it requires a writer to have highest skills in Japanese. He published two books from Kodansha Ltd and also published nine books as an author and an editor. And Yoshihiro Kaneda is a translator for Vice Japan. He lived in Brooklyn, New York and knows English and English culture inside and out. His book “Net Voice In The City” has interviews of Kevin Kelly, R.U. Sirius, Allen Cohen, Justin Hall, and Michael Gosney, and so on. Also his editorial book has manuscripts of Mark Frauenfelder and John Lebkowsky.
Moreover, he edited one book which was written by Hikaru Natsumi and is on Japanese literature history after Hikaru’s death.

Net Voice In The City written by Yoshihiro Kaneda, published by Ascii.

Charisma of the Individual Homepages written by Yoshihiro Kaneda, published by Kodansha Ltd.

Million Hit Homepage Makers written by Yoshihiro Kaneda, published by Ascii.

Cyber Revolution edited by Yoshihiro Kaneda, published by Daisanshokan.