About Yoshihiro Kaneda


A writer and an editor living in Brooklyn, New York.

I was born in 1955 and graduated Meiji University on Literature in Japan and Borough of Manhattan Community College with graduation with honor on Writing and Literature.

I have had a long time for serialization for the Yahoo Internet Guide of Japan over 5years and 50 times.

During three decades in the Japanese publishing industry, I have published over 7 books as an author and 4 books as an editor. I published two books from Kodansha which is the biggest publisher in Japan and the most authoritative publisher, especially Japanese. And I have contributed as a writer to the Weekly Economist which is published by Mainichi NewsPapers, one of the three big newspapers in Japan. I live in Brooklyn, New York and started my translator career since 2011. Recently, I have been working for Vice Japan as an English-to-Japanese translator.

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