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“Miyoko asagaya kibun” (English title: MIYOKO)

Filled with ’70s’ Helpless

The autobiographical film draws anguish of a comic artist, Shinichi Abe.

In 1970s, a helpless atmosphere was flowing in Asagaya of Tokyo, Japan. Abe (acted by Kenji Mizuhashi)  lived with Miyoko (acted by Mary Machida) and got attention by his art comic work  “Miyoko asagaya kibun” (English title: MIYOKO).

But Abe was gradually coming to a dead end in his creative way because he lost the border between his private life and the world of his work. Then, he became a schizoid and repeated to stay in the mental hospital.

The editor (acted by Shiro Sano) who worked for a legendary art comic magazine “Monthly Comic Garo” could not give up Abe’s talent and visited Abe’s place.

Directed by Yoshifumi Tsubota. 1 hour 26 minutes.


“Miyoko Asagaya Kibun” (English title: MIYOKO) Draws the Wife of a Cult Comic Artist, Shinichi Abe ; Spreading a Sensation From Japan to Europe

[Cinema Today Film News] “Miyoko Asagaya Kibun” (English title: MIYOKO) which is a nominee for VPRO Tiger Awards of the 39th International Film Festival Rotterdam was screened officially on the spot. Even though it screened early in the day, 10:30 am in the morning, most of seats were filled with audience.

The film brought the Best New Actress award to Mary Machida, a leading actress, in the 31th Yokohama Film Festival, is decided to reshow in Sangenjaya Central Theater in Tokyo from March 6th, and is spreading good valuation slowly. In the spot, Rotterdam, the film is now widely talked of as a possible Grad Prize due to the good complicated story of the short fiction comic work whose model is a cult comic artist, Shinichi Abe’s wife and his real life.



Awarded Grand Prize in Seoul Film Festival

Mr. Yoshifumi Tsubota (35 years old)

“Miyoko Asagaya Kibun” (English title: MIYOKO) which Mr. Tsubota directed as the first film for the theater was awarded Blue Chameleon Award of Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival in Korea. The film is one of the Grand Prize works which each judge of four categories selected for the Grand Prize from 15 nominees. The festival gathers new Asian director’s works… The small budget film, “MIYOKO” that cleared pinches of suspension for shooting is making a round of screening in all over the world since releasing of last year’s summer. The comic artist, Shinichi Abe, is the model who has published his works centering on the comic magazine named “Garo” since ’70s. The film is reflecting a binding relationship between a main character, Abe himself, and his wife based on Abe’s works which draw the relation with the wife without reserve. The film including humor and eroticism attracted Korean audience. In the screening process, the film gathered high valuations with words “the film is outstanding with the expression of mixture of falsehood and truth and Miyoko’s portrait which supports the artist, her husband Abe, with selfless devotion.

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Graduated Tama Art University. Mr. Tsubota has also dealt with commercial films and productions of TV programs. The DVD of “MIYOKO” is on sale from Kinokuniya Book Store.